PZ Myers Is A Liar

August 1, 2008 at 12:00 pm (Uncategorized)


Albert Einstein: Would an atheist say, “God doesn’t play dice”?
Thomas Jefferson: Absolutely not an atheist.
Benjamin Franklin: Another Deist, not an atheist.
Abraham Lincoln: Inclined more towards religious belief as he went on in years. Certainly not an atheist.
Charles Darwin: Even this one was a believer for most of his life, and at the end was only as doubtful as agnostic.
Samuel Clemens: The jury is out on that one. After all, Muslims are pretty critical of Christianity, too.

I’ll give him Hemingway and Sagan for the hell of it. To be a little fair, PZ himself acknowledged the religious beliefs of these great men in the second comment to his post, but putting it in the post itself clearly would have destroyed his message and image manipulation of people powerless to stop him.

It is, however, unconscionable to so boldly refer to believers in a higher power as atheists. If it were anybody but PZ doing it, I would be a lot more outraged. As it is, I’m just pretty annoyed.



  1. Dave said,

    Einstein’s use of the word “God” as a metaphor for the mystery of the universe and the laws that govern it is common. It is unfortunate that he did use this word as he has had to clarify his non-belief in God on many occasions.

    Here’s the first site I found on the subject and seems to have a substantial number of Einstein quotes about religion and God:


  2. dietcoupon said,

    I think the first three quotes give a very clear, deist view on things. Not blieving in the same god as practicing monotheists is NOT tantamount to not believing in a god, or higher power.

    There is a new Stuart Kauffman book out, called Reinventing the Sacred. I actually think it’s a crucial work for this very reason – it is pointless and counter productive to divorce a concept of a higher power from this natural order and complexity there is to things. You might find it a good read 🙂

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