PZ Myers Is A Hypocrite

August 4, 2008 at 3:56 pm (Uncategorized)

I already linked to the poll PZ had his Believers mess up, but when Christians try to do it, it’s oh so very wrong.

Tony Sidaway informs me that a lot of people have been clicking for Jesus — this new documentary that is being aired in England very shortly has roused the creationist hordes (OK, creationist dozens) to click furiously on its TV Guide entry to downrate it. It’s pointless and trivial — they haven’t even seen it! This is the perfect occasion to marshal our godless thousands to stampede the site and teach them how to properly trivialize web polls.

Nobody’s allowed a good, fun, god-realted poll on the Internet anymore, it seems.  But how dare these Christian idiots vote on a docuentary they’ve never seen!  That’s the job of Atheist Pharyngula readers!



  1. Dave said,

    I’d agree that inciting people to crash polls is a little on the dishonest side. He basically ruins whatever possibility of unbiased responses these polls have. Perhaps that’s why I always feel a little guilty about responding to them. 🙂

  2. Zach Bell said,

    Oh come on now. The fact that you can’t detect the tongue in cheek tone of that post is indicative of either your blind hatred for PZ Myers or a lack of any sense of humour. I would suspect a mix of the two.

    Online polls are hardly scientific and this type of incident is the reason for that. Crashing online polls is a practise carried out by both serious and comical groups of people alike. PZ Myers is clearly poking fun at Christians who are voting in a poll about a show they have never seen and encouraging his readers to have a go at altering the poll themselves. This is just good internet nerdcore fun and you’re coming across as a 600 year old gargoyle/ogre cross breed.

    PZ Myers has always pointed his readers to polls asking a question about something they would know about…the existence of god. Since any good atheist knows god doesn’t exist, they should probably answer in a particular fashion. The Christian hoards sent their supporters to a poll and asked them to vote on a show they had never seen. Goody for them…a great opportunity to have fun with them.

    If you really think violating an online poll is some serious breach of integrity, you need to learn a little bit more about the internet. Oh…and you should get the steel rod removed form your back side.


  3. dietcoupon said,

    I appreciate Dave’s thoughtful replies, but this Zach Bell character is a vitriolic moron, who also has pretty shitty taste in webdesign.

    – Calling somebody a hypocrite doesn’t indicate approval, or lack thereof.

    – I didn’t *miss* his witty delivery, I just didn’t really appreciate it. I see you also missed mine while you were busy not worshipping God.

    – I never said web polls are accurate, but it’s also a waste of time to actively seek and destroy them.

    – You only think I sound like an old fogey because I’ve evolved past your juvenile atheist belief system, which is overly simplistic and unbecoming of the human species.

    – Your witty rhetoric and jibes against me did NOTHING to veil the foot-wide log implanted firmly in *your* ass, good sir. Sorry for making fun of your hero!

  4. Zach Bell said,

    Witty? Hey thanks.

    Also, while I enjoy reading PZ Meyers’ blog, I would hardly call him my hero. I enjoy listening to Bill O’Reilly on the radio as well…does that make him my hero?

    Aww…heck. I was gonna leave it at that but I have too much leisure time to ignore you properly.

    You’re quite right, I don’t have great taste in web design. Unfortunately, being ignorant in the ways of the web designer myself, I must settle for the good works of others who have been generous enough to let me use their creations. I rather think my blog has some aesthetic appeal to it…but alas I can’t come up with anything on my own for your to criticize aside from my writing.

    Calling someone a hypocrite certainly does not on its own clearly indicate a lack of approval for some one. However, it certainly serves to imply such. Put up some profane language and a blog that claims its main theme as “PZ Meyers Is A Douchebag” and this would certainly solidify that implication. The implied meaning and tone is further solidified by a lack of any indication to the contrary. Yes, I’m quite sure you called him a hypocrite with foamy saliva splattering through your gritted teeth as you beheaded a cute and fuzzy kitten with a butter knife.

    As for that waste of time thing…well two points. Firstly, your own vitriol (By the way, I didn’t express any vitriol in my post…condescension would have been a more appropriate term) betrays you once again. PZ Meyers and his readers did not destroy anything, they simply distorted a web poll. I’m not sure how you could actually go about actually destroying a web poll unless you were a hacker. Anyhow, by using this type of language, you’re obviously (consciously or not) seeking to make this sound as bad as you can. DESTROYED A POLL! HE’S A BAD MAN!

    Second, if it’s a waste of time to seek out and “destroy” web polls, is it not also a waste of time to comment on them in this fashion? I tend to admit that I’m wasting time in doing things like commenting on your blog, but even if that’s what I’m doing, what’s so wrong about that? Cruising about on the web is a waste of time in general and I’m happy to have the leisure time to “waste” with my computer or at the pool with my kids. Saying something is a “waste of time” is simply an objective statement that is pretty much irrelevant. Sure it’s a waste of time to “destroy” a web poll. Somethings wrong with people having some fun? I thought that’s what part of reading a blog was about.

    “You only think I sound like an old fogey because I’ve evolved past your juvenile atheist belief system, which is overly simplistic and unbecoming of the human species.”

    A Mormon has “evolved” into something? Better not tell anyone. Heck, letting that one slip out here was bad enough. If you need protection, just come to Canada. You can seek shelter with a tolerant homosexual couple bound together by their matrimonial bonds.

    It’s absolutely your prerogative to view atheism as some type of primitive belief system but I definitely don’t agree with you. Not only do I think that atheism makes sense and is much more logical than anything I have been offered by theists, I think it is much more becoming of creatures that have the intellectual capacity that we do.

    Come to think of it, since I’m the non-believer here and you’re supposed to be he morally superior one, why are you using all the profane language? I thought that was a naughty no no place to go for you guys.


  5. dietcoupon said,

    I think you’re trying too hard. Also, if you actually think I’m a Mormon in anything beyond the most technical sense, you’re not reading correctly.

  6. Zach Bell said,

    Well you did toss out the label all on your own. I’m Jewish…apparently I’m picked by god for something. I dunno…not too clear on that. Religious labels can be almost as ambiguous as political ones can’t they?

    I’m not trying too hard at all…I just happen to be enjoying myself. unfortunately, you seem to have lost a lot of your passion and zeal. I didn’t thump it out of you did I?


  7. jiimiona said,

    great, usefull 0_0

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