PZ Myers Is So Full Of Shit, If He Had Diarrhea He Wouldn’t Know Which End To Empty First

August 4, 2008 at 1:32 pm (Uncategorized)

In response to yet another reasonable and poignant article against him, PZ has declared himself the subject of a witch hunt, which he has misspelled, and gone on with pages upon pages of sanctimonious drivel.  Onwards and upwards!

Nothing is sacred; nothing receives its value from an imaginary connection to a deity or supernatural force. Objects and people gain importance to us from their human connections. But yes, I insist that no one can be forced to bow down to the symbols and dogma of a religion, especially a religion to which they do not belong. Jews cannot tell Catholics that they can’t eat ham, Catholics can’t tell Muslims to worship their cracker, Muslims can’t tell me to pray 5 times a day. When a religion oversteps its bounds and starts ordering people to respect their foolish rituals, it’s time for people to step up and demonstrate that no, they can’t do that. You can believe your god is a cracker in your church, Mr Dreher, but you can’t tell me that I must honor your crackers in my home.

There is an important distinction between these two points which PZ fails to realize.  He makes the first, legitimate point: as a Mormon, I cannot and will not tell him not to drink coffee (hell, I’m having a cup of joe right now.  Pascal’s wager!).  I guess I’m a bad example, so let’s use my father, who remains a devout Latter-Day Saint.  My father would never, ever tell PZ not to drink coffee; he may even recommend it, as he kind of misses the stuff.  Mormons are fairly tolerant, see, unlike PZ Myers.  So yes, we cannot force our beliefs upon others, and save for certain fundamentalists, the vast majority of religious people do indeed respect religious views other than their own.

However.  “Ordering people to respect their foolish rituals,” as PZ defines it, simply is not what religious people do.  Aren’t they respecting his foolish rituals, of having Sundays free from church and guilt if he decides to get work done?  They are not storming into his house, forcing bibles on every bookshelf and a crucifix above every door.  Mormons and/or Jehova’s Witnesses may bother his front stoop every so often, but it’s his right to slam the door on them.  It was his choice to offend himself by attending a mass to escape with a wafer, and that’s him refusing to live and let live, and annoy himself for the sake of making a stupid, illegitimate point.  Nobody ever told him he had to believe the host to be the body of Christ, but he chose to go out and show everybody what he thought.  It’s his right, I suppose, but it’s rude and offensive.

Talk about hyperbole…this is a classic religious defense. Why, if we don’t keep cutting the hearts out of sacrificial victims, the sun won’t rise tomorrow. You want the sun to rise, don’t you? Throw a cracker in the trash (an act I did not consider audacious at all, but entirely trivial), and the entire social fabric will crumble! We must stop him!

Wait…who’s guilty of hyperbole here?

Dreher is not alone. I’ve got way over 10,000 emails from devout Catholics shrieking the same old message — that Eucharist is literally the body of my god! You hurt me when you hurt that cracker! Here’s a Koran — destroy it instead! I want you to lose your job! I want you to die! You’re going to burn in hell! The monster from the id is out and exposed, and it isn’t the atheists who have crossed the line.

What’s that?  Not even a single email reproduced, even in part?  Yeah man, my inbox is FULL with MILLIONS of emails from angry atheists in response to my trivial glib one-liners.  And, again with the hyperbole.

Also, the transubstantiation of the host is a very deep theological mystery.  Think of theology as literature for a moment – truth is deeper than the surface level, and it seems clear that neither PZ nor his detractors fully understand what happens, theologically, when a host is consecrated.  To say that the host is LITERALLY the body of Christ is kind of like saying Citizen Kane is about a sled.  To be fair, it’s kind of fun to watch these blind people swat at each other like girls, but I wish that the academic at least would read up on it a little before getting so angry.

I’m apparently much, much smarter than a certain devout Roman Catholic and social conservative.

He’s also much, much more arrogant!

Oh, well. They can keep on exposing their ignorance with their rants.

And so can PZ.


  1. Sue said,

    Hooray for PZ Myers and his important role/function of taking the mickey of self-“righteous” (espeially right wing) christians and their inherently TOTALITARIAN social agendas.

    meanwhile this well researched site tells the unvarnished truth about the role of the church in world history.

    1. http://www.jesusneverexisted.com

    A time for honesty and weeping for all the pain and suffering caused by tyhe church and its agents. But such was the INEVITABLE result of the church CHOOSING to become a worldly power.

  2. dietcoupon said,

    Why, thank you for that informative link! The Religious Conspiracy never stopped anybody from learning basic CSS. Oh, and they’re full of shit, too. Jesus may not have been Lord, but he sure as fuck existed.

    Nobody who knows their shit agrees with you, either (and that goes for non-believing people who know their shit): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_myth_hypothesis#Limited_acceptance_of_the_hypothesis

    Some more bedtime reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historicity_of_Jesus

    Of course such an influential figure got corrupted and manipulated for political gain. But do not be throwing horseshit at me and calling it a refutation.

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