PZMinion Thinks Atheism Needs a Symbol

August 12, 2008 at 9:00 am (Uncategorized)

Not a religion, you say?  Aw, but it looks so much more organized when you have a symbol.  Like this one:


Funny how closely it resembles the Anarchist symbol.

Why, PZMinion marvels, you could make this a necklace, a tattoo, etch it in the sand!

I, on the other hand, will get right to work defacing it into something resembling the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in whom I believe with all my heart.

But at the very least, atheists absolutely cannot assign themselves a symbol like this, use it, and then turn around and protest when people describe their movement as a religion unto itself.  I can continue to respect atheists who claim to be unorganized, as long as they don’t sport this thing.  If you’re going to require solidarity as a group, you have to accept the responsibilities and insinuations which come along with it.  If I see this symbol graffitied onto a single wall, Atheists get to stop clamoring about how religion is all up in their faces, as they are every day becoming ever more like the forces they oppose so vehemently.

I guess I just wonder how far this thing will reach, how many people will actually see it as something viable to be used.  I’ll have my eyes open.



  1. MrvnMouse said,

    HAHAHAHA, the symbol just looks like an upper case @ symbol.

    Like they are saying, AT!!!!

    I wouldn’t even give it the credit of looking like an atheist symbol.

  2. MrvnMouse said,

    oops, I meant anarchist symbol.

  3. Zach Bell said,

    Darn that Bell Telephone company thing. They have a logo so they must be a religion rather than a company…oh no wait. Well Wal Mart has a logo…so maybe they..? Ah…no a symbol which identifies that group doesn’t make it a religion either.

    OOH! I know…The International Brotherhood Of Electricians. They have a symbol AND they have the word “brotherhood” in their organization’s name! HA! Oh…no wait, that’s a union of trades people. Hrm…

    I’m not about to use a symbol of atheism myself. I am an atheist and I certainly identify with this group of people in that particular manner. That doesn’t mean I’m about to carry around this symbol for some reason. But even if I did, that wouldn’t bear any major similarity to a religion. It would mean that I wish to identify myself as being a part of a distinctive group of individuals that do not believe in a mythical supernatural being.

    Atheists certainly do clamour about how religion is all “up in their faces” yo. And the reason for that dawg is because it is. Religious agents of the faith try to indoctrinate my children within public schools and attempt to coerce them into giving up any spectre of living life with a clear head by offering them candy and social acceptance if they’ll just come and listen to something about accepting some Jesus character.

    Luckily the kids are both popular among their school mates and quite aware of what religion has to offer so it has no effect. Unfortunately, it’s a heck of a thing to have to put with all the time.


  4. dietcoupon said,

    Wow, you really have nothing better to do tonight than troll my blog, huh? If you’re not going to use the retarded logo, you don’t got jack to complain about here.

  5. Zach Bell said,

    Nope, nothing better to do at the moment. Just hanging out on my computer watching episodes of Stargate Atlantis and reading whatever I choose to read on the internet.

    And who’s complaining? I’m not complaining about anything. I just happen to enjoy pointing out how you’re completly and utterly wrong…unless…you really do think the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (got their union name wrong the first time) is a religion.

    As I said in another comment here, I really don’t see why that’s such a bad thing that I don’t have anything better to do at the moment. People do have the right to relaxation from time to time don’t they? I like to kick back and just “nerd out” on my laptop. Do you object to this? Should I be praying to a bar stool instead?

  6. Samuel Skinner said,

    I, for one go under a differant symbol.

    This one would suit atheists better, don’t you think?

    Sure, it doesn’t screa, atheist, but you know what? Symbols can just be cool on their own.

    Also, we already have an org- the EAC!

  7. Dave said,

    Though I understand why some would feel that atheists need a symbol, I think it’s a little ridiculous to have a symbol for something that someone doesn’t believe in.

    Maybe I should come up with a symbol for people who don’t believe in Santa Claus! Or, a symbol for non-belief in the Tooth Fairy.

  8. Zach Bell said,

    Perhaps if those people were publicly ridiculed and chastised and called the least trusted portion of the population…then yes, it might be a good idea for them to be able to identify themselves and for some type of camaraderie. As it is though, I don’t see anyone who professes a strong disbelief in Santa Clause threatened with losing an election because of that.


  9. dietcoupon said,

    They might lose the election if it comes out that their kids don’t believe in santa claus. And if they can’t do the easter bunny either, that family’s political career is pretty much over.

  10. Zach Bell said,

    Nah that’s not true. Kids don’t have as great a bearing on a politicians career as some may think. If that was true. tricky Dick’s rug munching daughter would have repelled all those evangelicals.

    Come to think of it, homosexuals also have a universal symbol born of the social discrimination they have suffered in the past and continue to suffer today. Homosexuality isn’t a religion is it?


  11. dietcoupon said,

    Religion and lifestyle are shockingly similar beasts, and I’m not sure whether we’d see a Muslim or a gay president first. You do have a conscious choice about your religion, but not about your sexuality.

  12. Zach Bell said,

    That’s a heck of a toss up…but as interesting as the notion of that discussion is, I don’t see what that has to do with anything I said. 🙂 lemme know what I missed.

    Every identifiable group eventually adopts a symbol to make itself more distinctive among the population at large. That doesn’t mean a religion is being created. It just means that instead of seeing a word or phrase meant to identify a group of people, a universally recognizable symbol can be used instead.

    Aside from all that, PZ Minions have been posting away and PZ Myers himself even checked in today. You gotta get more pissed off so you can critique them some more. If you need me to I can starting calling you names or something. Anything to help a fellow blogger.

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