PZ Myers Is Speaking At A Convention

August 16, 2008 at 9:29 am (Uncategorized)

Is it about the emergent experimental tools available for use in your local bio lab?  Of course not, it’s a gathering of Atheists!  And PZ will be lying through his teeth:

Atheism is a natural consequence of the scientific way of looking at the world; furthermore, the scientific perspective is ascendant.

No, and no.  The consequence of looking at the world scientifically is the observation of a haunting complexity rising out of chaos – ESPECIALLY if you’re a biologist like PZ Myers.  And the scientific perspective is more reductionist than ascendant.  At least, if you’re following in the way of Galileo, Newton, Einstein…

Myers will explain why the new atheism is a reasonable and predictable product of our culture, and why that should give us hope for a more secular future.

A more secular future is less a hope than a nightmare.  What if everybody acted like a Generation-Xer who isn’t reproducing for the sake of disposable income?  God is also a pretty good excuse for believers not to commit crimes, and to pay attention and respect to their families.  Clearly they are ruining our world!

In addition to PZ, Michael Newdow (the plaintiff in the suit against “under God” in the pledge) and Jeremy Hall (the plaintiff in the suit against atheist discrimination in the army) will be there, along with other luminaries such as Michael Shermer, Julia Sweeney, and a special surprise awardee for the 2008 Richard Dawkins Award.

Ugh, people are actually PAYING for this?  The Pledge has been raped and mangled regardless of this “under God” tripe, I don’t understand why atheists would WANT entrance into the army, and calling Julia Sweeny a luminary is kind of like calling Woody Allen an upstanding moral figure.



  1. Zach Bell said,

    hahaha. Oh my, where to start. I liked your last PZ Minion tirade by the way…a little long and ultimately wrong but…eh; better than reading about airport security.

    Whether he scientific method offers an ascendant perception or a reductionist one is simply a matter of perspective. If you look at science as simply solving problems, you would naturally see it as a reductionist type of approach to life’s mysteries. If you see science as not only answering current question but causing us to ask new questions as well, you could easily see the scientific method as an ascendant one. I’m gonna have to go with PZ on that one.

    As for atheists acting like irresponsible buffoons (what a word) and having no motivation to avoid committing crimes…well that’s just sheer lunacy. I have two kids and a very loving partner. Parenting is an incredible challenge for us because we care. Our desire to do good by our children is born of a want to actually see them have more opportunities in life than we did or will have. We’re hardly the irresponsible morons you think people like us are and this is certainly an atheist family. Heck, the kids are both near the top of their classes and one of them is in the class for the academically talented.

    So I’m not irresponsible…hope you got that part. I also have no criminal record. Hmm…actually here’s a neat factoid for you. Countries with a predominantly atheist population have lower crime rates than countries that have a predominantly religious population. Now why do you think that could be? You know, we don’t have to buy your Jesus endorsed rule book to live a good life. Atheists are often less inclined to commit any crimes than people who claim to be religious. It would also seem that atheism strengthens the moral fabric of nations while faith and religion causes more crime and violence. Find me a current study that proves me wrong…oh and before you say Japan is authoritarian or something, (it’s not of course) realize that the first study like this compared New Zealand to a number of other nations like the states.

    New Zealand is one of the most “godless” countries on the planet and they seem to be doing fairly well. The United States beating the bible all over the place has been a picture of social inequality and rampant crime for quite some time. Democracy and wealth can only do so much to improve a society when the are godbags all over the place.

    You know the founder and head honcho at worldcom had at one time considered becoming a baptist preacher. Before that Eronesque collapse, people described him as a man of unquestionable moral standards. A real upright guy…who robbed people of piles of cash.

    Finally, about your pledge and why an atheist would want entrance to the military. Well the pledge is just plain creepy. I’m glad I never had to grow up expressing some kind of allegiance to a flapping bit of cloth at the front of the room.

    Why would an atheist want entrance to the military you ask…Hmm….was that supposed to be tongue in cheek? Why would anyone want entrance to the military? It’s not an exclusive religious organization. These aren’t god’s soldiers you know. These are supposed to be soldiers signing up to defend their homes and the people they love. It’s no so far fetched to think that an atheist may want to join the military out of love for country and a desire to make sure that what you all enjoy is preserved.

    Personally I don’t think that’s what the military is used for but hey, you asked why an atheist would want to join and i say it’s for the same deluded reasons that anyone else would want to join.

    You know, it’s odd that religious types think that atheists have no moral code or structure. I don’t think there is any universal “code” of morality among atheists; it’s much more of an independent type of determination of what is right and what is wrong. It’s not all that difficult to figure out that stealing something is wrong and that helping some one in a time of need is right. I can’t tell you how many people who were probably “good Christians” simply walked past me when I was being mugged in Winnipeg. It was entirely obvious as to what was going on too.

    Don’t you get tired of being a sanctimonious hater?

  2. dietcoupon said,

    Definitely feeling under the weather right now, but quickly:

    I’m being a bit blaze about the military bit – I don’t personally know what kind of discrimination there is against atheists in the armed forces, but to the extent that there is any religious discrimination it’s certainly illegal under US law.

    I’ll get tired of being a sanctimonious hater when it stops being fun. Maybe also when people stop reading this thing.

  3. Sherry said,

    It frightens me
    to hear that you
    need an excuse
    to not commit crimes
    and to pay attention and respect to your family.

    I’m glad that
    I don’t need an excuse
    to love and respect my family
    to be part of
    compassionate community
    that cares about others
    without being afraid of hell

  4. MrvnMouse said,

    It frightens me
    to hear that you
    assume that because
    someone doesn’t think
    tearing someone down
    for having belief and
    associated morals
    to that belief belief,
    must inherently
    also follow that
    exact same belief.

  5. Zach Bell said,

    Ah…so I guess since there is no discrimination in the military against atheists, that would explain why a sergeant major conducting training said “since atheism is not a religion, atheists are not protected by the regulation and it is acceptable for officers and chaplains to disparage their own soldiers”


    No atheist discrimination in the military? Did you not hear about Pat Tillman and the comments made about his death? He was called worm dirt by officers speaking to the media who said he must have died for nothing, I personally wouldn’t mind all that much being called worm dirt, (though it is slightly insensitive) but for an officer to tell the media he died for nothing…hmm. That must be born of the idea that the USA Army is God’s army eh? If you’re a godbag, you die for the bearded man. If you’re an atheist, you died for nuthin’!

    how about the guy who’s suing the pentagon.

    You know, regulations are all fine and good…this type of discrimination is certainly illegal. Really though, regulations are just words on paper. Laws threaten, they don’t persuade. I doubt many commanders are persuaded to stop proselytizing while on duty.

    If regulations (words on paper) actually meant something, maybe your constitution would actually be upheld. That hasn’t been the case for eons now. I’ll bet my Canadian butt has read your constitution more than you have. Your freedom of assembly has been especially badly trashed over the past four or five years.

    There’s something Orwellien about hearing police use the phrase “free speech zone”

  6. Zach Bell said,

    You know I do apologize. After typing all that out, I had forgotten your mention of being under the weather. I’m loath to admit it but but I really do feel terrible for forgetting that fact. Do feel better soon.


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