PZ Myers Thinks Atheism Will Save The World

September 7, 2008 at 12:39 am (Uncategorized)

At least he’s letting somebody else be the retard this time.

And what has atheism done for science? Well, let’s see: it removed the risk of scientists being burned at the stake for controverting the divinely revealed truth that “the lord hath laid the foundations of the earth so that it shall not be moved for ever” (Psalm 102, beloved of Bellarmine in his efforts to shut up the astronomers and philosophers of the era of Descartes).

Actually, i think setting sail westward to get away from the European theocracy took care of that one.  Nice try, though.

It removed the necessity of having to distort observations, facts, experimental results and observations to fit an antecedent doctrine as far from what observation and experiment revealed as one could possibly get. (Think about seeing the moons of Jupiter through a telescope in an age when the earth was – by order! – at the centre of the universe and man and his man-made religion was the most important thing in it, with the Pope and the Office of the Inquisition daring you to think otherwise.)

Here he confuses religion and politics.  No matter what PZ and his ilk will say about separating religion and education, you can never, ever try to segregate religion from politics.  Some people were protesting this truth at the DNC – fine, but you can’t just erase millennia of history.  It wasn’t a silly belief in a silly god that made these rules, but rather the power, money, and influence of the rulers, as well as their intent to keep on ruling.

In short, it liberated the mind and enquiries of mankind.

Oh, how open minded you are, dear writer!

Decreasing religious hegemony and rapidly increasing scientific and technological knowledge have gone pari passu during the last four centuries, in mutually reinforcing tandem: the less religion, the more science; the more science, the less religion. And this is a universal phenomenon (see the Pew polls on the decline of religion, even in the USA).

Oh, I love it when they do all the work for me.  His first statement about religious hegemony is quite true – this is specifically the notion that one church and one church only is in charge of things.  But reducing this hegemony and watching science thus flourish is NOT tantamount to “less religion.”  It is, logically, necessarily the opposite: with less political pressure from the theocratic ruling class, people are freer to follow whichever faith they so choose.



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